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Commercial Security for Your Business in Pleasanton, CA

With quality commercial security solutions by the experts at Signal 88, your customers and employees will have peace of mind while at work. As a locally-owned security company, we’re a part of the communities that we work to protect. We have a unique insight that allows us to better serve you with a better understanding of the area. We work with individual business owners and commercial property managers. Our security professionals have the proper training and equipment to handle any size security task. And we will customize a security solution that meets your needs. Learn more about our options today and meet with our professionals to get started.

security officer holding door open for delivery man

Complete Commercial Security Services

Keeping your property safe is paramount for business owners throughout Pleasanton, CA, and the surrounding communities. Luckily, the local experts at Signal 88 are available to provide you with comprehensive commercial security solutions. As local experts, we offer a valuable service that can’t be replicated with a few outdated security cameras. We’re an onsite and reliable presence that helps you manage threats to your property, customers, and employees. Contact us today to schedule your security consultation.

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